5LF have had a busy half term!

Josh and Korim have been attending their work experience, Josh at Furniture Matters Computer repairs and Korim at Furniture Matters Retail shop. They have both been exemplary! And there’s even talk of extending their days there…..

 Sylvie, Callum and Yas have been working on a climbing award in Kendal and overcoming fears and anxieties whilst doing so. Callum even reached the top of a wall overcoming massive amounts of fear and reluctance!!! What an achievement!!

 Korim and Yas have both attended colleges local to their hometowns (Shipley and Bradford)as part of their transition work! Exciting times!

 Syvie, Yas and Callum have began 1:1 work with TAs in class, focusing on areas the may need further help with –  road safety, Managing Emotions and Personal Hygiene. These sessions have been fantastically met with enthusiasm and maturity!!

 What a half term!! Here’s to the next one!!….