6th Form students complete Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

At Underley Garden this summer some of our 6th Form students have been completing their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. They all managed to complete the physical, skill and volunteering sections. Their final challenge was to take on the expedition to achieve the bronze status. They took part in the practise expedition which involved setting up the camping equipment, going on a 3-hour walk led by them, cooking tea and camping overnight on site. The final expedition was on the school campsite in Cunsey. As soon as they arrived they set the tents. After this they completed a 3 hour walk that was navigated by them using a flip book of photos. Once back at the campsite they participated in another 3 hours of activities consisting of arts, how to use a storm kettle, cutting wood for the fire.

After this they cooked their tea, socialised with staff and had time to relax in the hammocks and around the campfire. AT 10pm ish! they all went to their tents and managed to sleep through until the morning. The next day got off to a good start with everyone enjoying a bacon sandwich for breakfast before heading out again on their 3 hour walk. This time they managed the walk even quicker as they remembered the route and showed good team work.

Finally, once on the campsite they completed a few more activities to meet the criteria and it was at this point we knew they had done more than enough to achieve the Bronze award. Overall we are proud of their efforts and it is a bonus to hear they had that much fun they would love to try and complete the silver award.

Well done to Korim, Sylvie, Angel, Ethan, Callum and Corey (and also all the staff who supported them)