Alex Cooper aka Iron Man 2018!

Our Lead Teacher in Main School doesn’t do things by half; not only has Alex been doing amazingly well in his new role here at Underley, but he has been training very hard for the Iron Man 2018.

On Sunday 15th July, Alex woke at 3am and travelled to Bolton for 6am to begin the most gruelling day of his life. Firstly Alex conquered a 2.5 mile open swim, followed by a crazy 95 mile cycle and if that wasn’t enough, he followed up with a 26.2 mile run. Alex had 3 targets for the day: To get to the start line, to get to the finish line and to complete it in less than 14 hours. We are proud to be able to report that Alex completed the challenge in 13:59:30!!!!!!

Everyone at Underley is very proud of Alex and we are trying to go easy on him this week as he recovers.