How we celebrated World Flag Day

Everyone participated in the celebration of World Flag Day on 14th June 2018. Each class picked a flag to make using various methods of selection (including pulling a flag name literally out of a hat).

The classes then had a couple of weeks to get their ideas together and make a flag to submit for our ‘World Flag Day Competition’.

We then put all the flags on display and invite everyone to come and have a look at each one. Orchard School, Garden School and Holly Trees all visited the assembly hall to see the different Flags. Each Young person came to view the flags, touching them, feeling the textures used and eventually picking a favourite.

There were Flag posters using bubble paint, Flags made from ceramic tiles, Flags with the country’s history and the Winning flag which was made from artificial grass and pebbles!!!

Each person completed a slip with their vote and posted it in the Ballot box.

A member of Post 16 then counted all the votes (clarified by staff) and it was a Draw!!!!

The 2 flags were then taken to the Lead Teacher of Garden School and he picked the overall winner, which was Vietnam!!

The winning class received merits to go towards their house groups.