Female Pheasant Nesting

Whilst I was on a walk with Damien, we spotted a female pheasant nesting in a small shed in the sensory woodland area. The nest had twelve eggs in it, two of which had hatched already.   When we went close to the pheasant she didn’t move due to her being protective of the eggs in the nest .  Damien and I approached her and gave her some bird food and water in a plastic bowl. After we did all that, we went back to the bungalow and phoned the RSPB and RSPCA and they said they were glad we informed them. They said to make sure the pheasant is fed every day and make sure we  keep   checking  every so often which we have been doing . The pheasant seems really relaxed and we just need people to be mindful and not crowd it.

Whilst clearing the back garden near the Bird Sanctuary, Jason and Callum discovered a 2nd pheasant nest in one of the gardens poly tunnels.

The pheasant became scared and left the nest, leaving 8 eggs behind.

I (Sylvie) went to check on the discovery in the morning and the Pheasant still wasn’t there.

By lunchtime the pheasant had returned. We made sure it was ok, but didn’t go near it as we didn’t want to scare it away.

The pheasant have nested in these places so they are protected and their nests do not get disturbed. It is quite clever for a pheasant to do, especially when they can’t even move out of the way of cars!!!

I am going to continue to check both nests each day and keep people posted of how things are.

By Sylvie