Garden School Summer News

It has been a good term in Garden School. In Maths we have been looking at different types of number.  The young people have made excellent progress in percentages, fractions, decimals and standard form.

The young people have also been making good use of the recently refurbished Science Laboratory. They have been making marble runs to understand the Forces and the Energy Changes acting on a rollercoaster.

In English we have been looking at Animal Farm by George Orwell. The young people have enjoyed the dramatic storyline and interesting characters. Jessica has particularly enjoyed learning about the naughty horse Mollie and the cat that features at the beginning of the novel.  Britney even re-watching sections of the film at break and lunch time. The students felt sad when we read about Boxer, the hardest working animal, who is eventually carted off to be killed when he thinks he is going to be looked after in a hospital.


Goodbyes from 5LF


‘What a fantastic year we’ve had! You’ve all achieved lots; from passing exams to successfully completing your Duke of Edinburgh Bronze as well as undertaking some really valuable work experience placements. Enjoy and make the most of your adult placements, we all wish you luck and are already anticipating hearing about your new adventures at Graduation!


“So long and thanks for everything Underley.”


“Hello everyone in UGS. My name is Yaseera but I .like to be called Yaz or Yazzpp/ I have enjoyed the prom at UGS and I have enjoyed the Christmas dinner in college we all sat together at Christmas. I have learnt hair and beaty with Jo. In textiles I have been making tie dye. Thank you everyone in UGS.”


I have been at underlay garden  school  for 2 and a half years I  am leaving this year I have been heavily  involved in the RSPB . I have created a RSPB bird sanitary for everyone to enjoy in memories of me.  Whilst my time at underlay I have rescued a starling nest and a pheasant nest with one baby chick alive and to unhatched eggs.   With my time at underlay   I have made some close relationships with the staff and some close relationships with the young people. I have really enjoyed all the nice trips with underlay.  I have really enjoyed my time at underlay garden school.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know all the collage staff and all the care staff. I would like to say thank you very much for all the support I have gained a lot from it

From Sylvie