Royal College of Occupational Therapists Conference

This week, I was particularly excited and pleased to be representing Underley Garden at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists 2018 conference at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall.

In addition to the main conference programme, the children and young people specialist section (of which I am a committee member for the North West regional area) ran their own conference stream and I was honoured that my abstract was picked to be part of this.

My presentation was in a category called ‘brag and steal’; the presentations had to be 8 mins long with a maximum of 8 slides.

I talked about Underley Garden and where we are situated, who the young people are who come here and the staff who work with them.

The main part of my presentation was talking about our joint or collaborative target setting process and how we set this up, work with it etc. For anyone who doesn’t know, our joint targets work across school, care and therapy and are made up of 5 key goals for each young person set once a term. Where it is appropriate the young person is asked about what they want to do more of and also parents are consulted.

After I had finished talking and showing my slides, I answered lots of questions form the audience. There were lots of occupational therapists working in similar settings, who were very interested in what we are doing and how we are working together.

Other occupational therapists continued to come up to me through the day and ask me more questions about Underley and the children and young people who go there.

It was a good experience and great to meet and make contact with so many other occupational therapists working in similar settings.

Jen Heath, Occupational Therapist, Underley Garden, 16.06.18