The school allotments and greenhouse are now filled with flowers

“On 11th of May I went to 2 different garden centres; Beetham Nurseries and Woodland nurseries to buy plants for the allotment and the school greenhouse. I bought some Nasturtiums, tomato seeds, compost, some flower seeds and some poppy seeds. I think it is important to maintain the greenhouse and allotment at school as it helps to make the school look nice and colourful. I enjoy gardening because it is relaxing and satisfying to see things grow. I plan to make the school look nice and to be able to produce crops and to have a career in horticulture.”

Niall McGoldrick, 4BD


Niall has made a great start on renovating the allotments at the back of the Garden School and the greenhouse is full of life. Niall spends most of his breaks and lunchtimes tending to the plants. As part of this gardening Niall has been completing Social Interaction Challenges to build his confidence and give him vocational skills for the future. These challenges have included asking the Principal for money to spend on the greenhouse and interacting with people at the Garden Centres.