School Council update

This term the pupils of Underley Garden have elected a School Council made up of 9 of its students.  These representatives come from across the school and meet up every three weeks to discuss the issues that matter most to students. So far the council has discussed renovating the playground, play equipment around the school, Lunchtime and after school activities and the plans for upcoming theme days such as Christmas. The council has worked closely with the Staff at Underley Garden and have just bought new board games for use at break including Giant Outdoor Chess. Representative James D said “I like being involved in school decisions and it is great that school listens to our views.” Niall, another of the representatives said that “It is a great opportunity to help the school and it looks great for employers.” In upcoming meetings representatives will be continuing to bring forward suggestions and issues from their form groups and will be helping to develop extra-curricular clubs for the next term.