School Reunion – Alumni Visit

On 17th August a group of “young ladies” who were at school in Underley Hall in the 1950s when it was Oakfield Girls School revisited the site and Kirkby Lonsdale for a school reunion.

The Oakfield Girls have travelled from the far reaches of England and the Globe to make the reunion happen. In total 22 girls were reunited and many of them visited the site of their school, which now forms part of Underley Garden School and is undergoing renovation.

Underley Garden School have been in contact with the Oakfield girls for some months and the children at school have been exploring the local history surrounding the site. The Oakfield girls shared many original photos of their time at the hall.

Staff and young people from Underley Garden made the visit possible with a tour of the Hall and afternoon tea and scones in the dining room afterwards.

Sylvi one of the young girls who helped with the visit loved hearing the stories of the “old days”.

Ann Henderson the School Principal said “we really enjoyed hosting this visit. We learned so much about the hall from bygone days. Some of the stories they told were really funny. It helps bring history to life at school and I was glad we could give something back.”

Jennifer Fell-Hayes one of the Oakfield Girls said “It brought back so many memories! It was so special to be able to go inside the building after all those years.”