A special week in P-LK Café

Each week P-LK opens their very own Café, where they cook and prepare items for their friends in Holly Trees to try. This week we decided to make some pancakes to celebrate upcoming Pancake Day. The young people each thought of a different topping they could place on a pancake and made a visual shopping list, before heading to Asda and buying the ingredients needed. We then created a menu and when the young people arrived at our Café we asked them to select which toppings they would like on their pancakes. Once the young people had taken the orders they went to the cooking area and prepared their friends chosen pancake, cutting up the fruit, spreading the chocolate spread, pouring the syrup and sprinkling other delicious ingredients. Everyone waited very patiently for their pancake and thoroughly enjoyed them. A big well done to P-LK for another successful Café!