Work Experience

The Post 16 students have been learning about careers and what is involved in different vocational areas. They have been taking part in mock interviews, filling in application forms as well as researching what skills and qualifications are required for jobs they would like to do. We have had a few students putting these skills into practice and gaining valuable experience, taking part in work experience placements out in the local area.

Pictured below is Yaseera whilst on work experience at Tesco in Carnforth, Yaseera went through a formal interview process and was offered a 2 week, full time work placement. Yaseera stated, “It has been brilliant, I had a ‘buddy’ every shift and they showed me what I had to do, it was a really good experience, but tiring!” Since completing this placement, Yaseera has been looking for a part time position in the retail sector.









James has been co-running the school café alongside one of his peers for the last term and has showed a keen interest in developing his skills in the catering industry. Our new Principal, Ann was so impressed with how the café was being run that she recommended the students to her husband David who owns and runs ‘Caffeine Rush.’  James has now completed 4 mornings, providing that ‘caffeine fix’ to commuters at Oxenholme train station and his partner Niall will be attending next term.





Sylvie has a love for birds and has been a member of the RSPB for several years.  It was during a researching activity that we saw that Leighton Moss were looking for volunteers. So we got in touch with Patrick, the café manager who invited Sylvie to come into the café and meet the team.  She completed an application form independently, answered a few questions and was welcomed on the team. Sylvie has now completed 2 days working in the café and is growing in confidence. Sylvie says, “I look forward to going to work experience on a Friday, everyone is so nice. It’s so busy; the day goes by really quickly.”