Ayres Sensory Integration Space officially opens at Underley Garden

The new Underley Garden Ayres Sensory Integration Space is now officially open.  Young people and therapists have been using the room since September and it was officially opened by Phoebe Caldwell (internationally acclaimed author and expert on working with people with autism). The space will be used for therapeutic intervention using an Ayres Sensory Intervention approach.  Dr. Jean Ayres was an occupational therapist from America around in the 1970’s. She pioneered her ground breaking assessment and intervention for children with autism who were experiencing struggles in everyday life, due to sensory processing and integration difficulties.  Occupational therapists complete lengthy post graduate training in Ayres Sensory Integration in order to be able to practise this with young people. Ayres Sensory integration meets the criteria for evidence-based practice having two large randomised control trials with positive conclusions and a number of smaller case research studies.  The focus of the intervention is always about occupation; what functioning activity does the young person want or need to be more effective in?  The addressing the underlying foundational skills, such as difficulty processing different sensory systems or with motor planning and coordination.  You can read more about this approach here: