Bronze DofE Expedition 4th – 5th July 2019

Some of the students at Underley Garden School participated in their assessed DofE camp. For them to have a chance at passing the expedition they had to complete 6 hours each day of walking and activities. Based on the groups capabilities they went on a 3 hour walk each day and them completed 3 hours of activities at the campsite.

On the walks they each used a flip book of photos to help them navigate themselves back to the campsite. With this they had to each take the lead, be an independent group just in eyesight of staff and they had to each carry a backpack full of their equipment.

Once back at the campsite they participated in many activities like, sawing word, using a storm kettle, self-evaluations, art projects and creating short stories. During these the students enjoyed participating in the variety of tasks and after this they spent time relaxing through the evenings.

In the evenings they spent time cooking their tea, sitting in the hammocks, socialising with friends, helping make a fire, having hot drinks with toasted marshmallows before heading to their tents for some well-earned sleep.

We are all really proud of the students who passed their Bronze Expedition and do hope they go on to achieve their Silver Award at some point in the future.