Easter 2019

Easter is always a great time to be a student at Underley Garden. It’s a special time of year when we hold lots of different fun activities before the well-deserved 2 week term holiday. Better still, this year we were blessed with some fantastic weather in the lead up to the break, which meant we had loads of opportunity to spend time altogether outside.

We began our week with schools assemblies about Easter. We feel it’s important that the students understand why we celebrate this event every year, and the traditions that are associated with it.

The first tradition we took part in was decorating Easter bonnets for a school competition. During our craft lessons each class designed and made their own bonnets around a theme of their choice – including a Jurassic World themed bonnet!

Many other activities across our school were enjoyed too, including an Easter egg hunt, a sleepover, baking and end-of-term trips out.

A fun-filled end to a really good term at Underley Garden!