Light Up Underley 2019

At Underley Garden School everyone always looks forward to ‘Light up the Night’, it is one of the main events of the year and this year was no exception!

We started the evening with an indoor market which included cakes, face painting, craft, a sensory station, basketball and table tennis.

Another tradition everyone enjoys is Clive’s homemade pie and peas. After tea everyone connived ready for the Lantern Procession. Young people have been busy crafting, making the most amazing lanterns using eco-friendly, tactile resources such as willow and recycled paper.

The procession walked to the outside classroom, a vision of solar lights guided our way and once there eco-friendly Chinese lanterns were set off.

Darkness had fallen and the Grand Finale was due to start! Wow what a show! Projected onto Holly Trees building we enjoyed seeing the Young People show casing their art work, dancing and breathing fire. Most of all it was clear for everyone to see that at Underley Garden School our Young People are happy, confident and their unique qualities and skills are nurtured and respected.

A big Thank you to Staff, Carers and Parents who ensured that ‘Light up Underley 2019’ surpassed all expectations and was the best show so far!