Messages from our school leavers 2019

Some messages from our school leavers – July 2019



I have really enjoyed my time at Underley Garden School, the school makes me feel really safe as they’re lots of friendly staff around. I have really enjoyed working at the horse stables and doing all my life-skills work. I have made lots of new friends as well as old. staff are always nice and Underley has helped me turn into a polite gentlemen. good luck everybody



Good luck everybody. I’ve enjoyed doing my jobs at Underley



I have enjoyed my time and Underley. The staff have been really helpful whilst I’ve been here and supported me with my GCSE’s and transitioning to Kendal college to complete a business course. 

Thank you for supporting me!


Ethan – message to his Teacher, Laura

Dear Laura,

Thankyou for helping me over the last few years. I will miss you very much and miss your sense of humour