New outside play parks opens at Underley Garden

Children at Underley Garden, but especially Holly Trees, have been waiting for 2 years for this day… The day they finally have a play park in their outside play area. What’s even better is they didn’t just get one… they got two!

 Over the last few months we have watched big diggers come in to the school play areas and start digging wondering what it was going to look like. The workmen have kept us all entertained by giving us sneak peaks and telling us what they will be doing next from behind the fences. When the fence finally came down, we could not wait to get on to the equipment.

 The ‘main’ park is full of equipment the children can climb, swing on, slide down, balance on and generally have fun. The children have spent every day playing on the equipment and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The second park is more of a sensory setting for the children to run around on a bouncy surface with lots of noise making and mess creating activities along the way. The children have enjoyed being able to run around whilst stopping to play on the musical instruments, build sand castles and perform on our very own stage.

 We have been looking forward to these areas for so long and now we have them, we absolutely love them!