Silver DofE Expedition 10th-12th July 2019

Three students at Underley Garden participated in their expedition section of their DofE Silver. This was their last section and needed to make sure they tried hard throughout the 3 days and 2 nights.

They started off by gathering all the equipment needed and loading the bus up before heading to the school campsite. Once there they had to collect their tents, sleeping bag, roll mat, camp bed and set this up. If they needed help they could ask for staff support but they managed really well. After a longer period of time they all manage to complete these tasks through verbal support if they found things challenging.

After this they participated in a 2 ½ hour walk which lead back to the campsite. During the walk they each had to take the lead, carrying their own bags which contained food and water proofs. To complete the walk, they used photos to help navigate themselves along the walking route. At first they found this challenging but after a few moments of leading they soon managed to get the hang of it.

On the second day they had to complete another walk but this time it took them 3 ½ hours to get back to camp. Again they had to take their turn leading, they had to carry their own bags and to use a flip book of photos to help them get back to the campsite.

On the third day they completed the same walk as the second day but they had to complete it in reverse. Doing this meant they would have to recall on memory and on this they all did exceptionally well.

During the day at the campsite each student had to complete a variety of activities which focused on using a storm kettle, completing a self-evaluation, completing art projects, completing English tasks, collecting/sawing wood, cooking tea, washing up, making their own hot drinks and participating in some physical challenges from time to time. During these each student did very well and produced some good work.

In the evenings they spent their time relaxing in the hammocks, socialising with each other, toasting marshmallows, keeping the fire going, skimming stones before heading off to their tents to sleep.

Overall they all did very well and the assessor was also pleased with what they had been doing and how positive they were when he was speaking to them. They should be very proud of what they have achieved and in the future I do hope they managed to complete the DofE Gold Award.